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The Greenhouse Restaurant – Case Study

Two restaurants wanted to be brought together and rebranded, with the new, combined restaurant put on their sites.

The client wanted a quirky design that would solve all the issues they were currently facing.  

They also asked for an eye-catching feature rose wall that would give a focal point to the interior, along with an organic-themed bar with a modern feel that would relate to their brand.

Their design inspiration was:

  • Living wall features 
  • Romance and rose gardens
  • Neon lights
  • Oxygenated copper

We went for an earthy feel that would represent the brand and products they sold. We used tactical lighting in the interior and exterior to set the mood of the internal and external areas, giving both a welcoming and comfortable feel.

We combined the two restaurants and designed a beautiful bar and single establishment with indoor and outdoor seating, the latter on a balcony with a lovely view.

The overall results were amazing. The bar and restaurant had a beautiful interior – colourful and bright, with the rose feature wall adding a great touch to the finish. The use of mood lighting and organic items gave the design a quirky and stylish look and feel.  

The final results show how the use of tactical lighting, focal points and unusual design helped create a solution by portraying a brand through the internal design.

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