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Meadowfield – Case Study

Initial Consultation:
we were asked to design a single-story extension to create additional living space that could accommodate their growing family and also include a garage.
During the initial consultation, the couple discussed their requirements, preferences, and budget. They expressed their desire to have an open-plan living area that would integrate well with their garden. The couple also wanted a spacious garage that could accommodate their car and also serve as a storage area.

Design Process:
After the consultation, we conducted a site survey to assess the feasibility of the extension. We also reviewed the local planning regulations and determined that the proposed extension would require planning permission.
After the pre design meeting we then presented the couple with several design options. One design featured a flat roof and modernist architecture, while another had a pitched roof and traditional style. The couple preferred the pitched roof design but with a modern twist as it was more in keeping with the existing architecture of their home.
We then proceeded to create detailed drawings and 3D renderings of the proposed extension. The design featured a spacious open-plan living area that would be flooded with natural light from large windows and skylights. The living area would have direct access to the garden through sliding glass doors.
The garage was designed to be spacious and functional, with an electric roller door for easy access. The architects also included a separate storage area within the garage.
The design and construction of a single-story extension with a garage required careful planning, attention to detail, and collaboration between the architects and the building contractors. The final result was a beautiful, functional, and practical addition to the couple’s home that exceeded their expectations

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