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Announcing our brand and website refresh

R.Hughes Design

We’re excited to report that we’ve just launched our new visual branding and website – elements that now complement our innovative designs and renders, and embody our values as a company.

We’re a creative and customer-focused company, but our previous branding wasn’t fully portraying that. It called for something that was modern, professional and encapsulated everything about our team without taking away from who we are.

Determining our brand values 

A complete overhaul was in order, so we had to start from scratch. 

The goal was to update our website and visual branding (like our logo, colour palette and image styling), but first we needed to figure out our brand proposition – what we stood for, our unique offering to clients and where we sat in the market. 

And so, after a series of workshops, research and analysis of client feedback, we identified some key strengths and characteristics of our company.

We’re innovative 

This is both in our approach to design and the way we use VR to help people visualise and explore their new space. We’re constantly on the lookout for new techniques, technology and inspiration to improve our offering to our clients. 

We have excellent customer relationships 

We support our clients through the whole process – from conceptualisation to planning and consent and project managing the build. As a result, a lot of our work comes from word-of-mouth referrals. 

Our small, personable team means that clients can get to know who they’re working with and form a strong personal relationship to see them through their project. 

We thrive on creative talent and passion 

We hire talented designers with fresh ideas, often early in their career – which allows them to keep their designs at the forefront of the industry and offer our clients the latest contemporary thinking. 

Visual branding that complements our designs

We want our new brand to match the sort of designs and renders that our team creates and help us communicate that to the world. 

The results of the workshops and mood board creation meant that the colour scheme was going to be neutral. Black and white gave us that elegant, modern and professional feel and allowed us to bring in some brighter colours as and when they were needed. 

These colours came in the form of yellow and blue, which contrast with black and white beautifully. We definitely wanted to include blue – as it was used in our previous brand – and yellow was introduced as a bright pop of colour. 

Degular is the typeface we went with, which is extremely diverse – it even lent itself to the shape of our new logo mark:

And a website that showcases the breadth of our work 

Our new website is visual-led, with images and renders of all our exciting client projects and a bit of background on each. The services section is split into the three themes our work covers: residential, commercial and interior, giving our visitors a clear idea of what we offer at a glance.

[Please insert screenshot of homepage – or whatever you think is best]

The plan is to update the site regularly with our latest client projects and news (things like industry updates, design insights and other stuff we’re interested in). 

Doing our best to stand out 

Our refreshed branding and website ushers in a new chapter for us. In a highly competitive and creative industry, it can be difficult to stand out. But we’d like to think our updated look reflects our position in the industry as one of the UK’s most creative and innovative architectural design firms.

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